Me and Menopause

Me and Menopause

Menopause is not a scary thing. It is a normal time in a woman’s life. Doctors describe it as a period that occurs after you have not had a period in a year. And I describe it as a new beginning in a woman’s life. It’s up to you to make it healthy and happy.

I am an ordinary woman in my early 50s, close to nature, passionate about healthy living, wildlife, and natural remedies.

I have grown from things that were supposed to break me. There is a saying, “what does not kill you makes you stronger.” I have succeeded, I have failed, I have been rich, I have been broken, I cried, I picked myself back up, wiped my tears, and continued my fight.

Menopause was a massive challenge for me as it coincided with anxiety and endometriosis. I asked myself day after day, month after month, year after year, what was the point of my pain and the reason for my struggles. I got the answer when I found my happy and healthy way to embrace menopause because it was the beginning of my healthy life.

What’s behind the Menopause Guide?

My menopause guide will help you navigate this new journey through your life.

When I entered menopause, I was entirely in the dark. I did not know what was happening to my body or how to deal with this horrible situation. Months of studies put me on the right path to overcome all those uncomfortable symptoms.

To help as many women as possible, I decided to share my personal experience with menopause in this Menopause Guide.

You may already know that perimenopause is what we go through before menopause. For me, it was five horrible years of suffering from anxiety and endometriosis. It was the worst time in my life.

I was fortunate to grow up in a family connected to Mother Nature, relied on natural remedies, and looked at food as medicine. These were the starting point for my journey to heal anxiety, endometriosis and relieve menopausal symptoms.

For me, perimenopause and menopause marked the beginning of a new life, a healthier life based on healthy eating habits, exercise, and natural remedies. After years of neglecting myself, my turning point was to invest in my health and beauty.

An essential thing in life is to turn painful or negative experiences into something positive. That’s what I did with my menopause: I was up, I was down, I won my battle with endometriosis after three years of fighting, I conquered anxiety, I started Pilates and my healthy lifestyle.

Since age is just a number, the most important thing is how we feel.

This phrase caught my eye, “Some people are old when they’re 18, and some people are young when they’re 90. You can’t define people by whatever society determines as their age to be. Time is a concept that human being created,” Yoko Ono – The Guardian, February 2012.

So if you have these limiting beliefs about getting older, please throw them out of your life. It’s never too late to start over, and menopause could be the perfect time for a healthy turnaround in your life.

I am in my early 50s, and I feel better than I did in my 20s. My best feature is that I am very dedicated. That has helped me win the battle against menopause that started in my 40s.

For some women, everything changes after their 40s: their health, hair, skin, mood, etc. It was the same for me.

I remember someone once saying, “There is an age when a woman has to be beautiful to be loved. Then there comes a time when a woman must be loved to be beautiful.” It is our time!

We need the closeness of our family during our journey through menopause. They can only do that if they are informed about all the physical and emotional changes our bodies face.

The support of your family, healthy eating, exercise, supplements, and stress management will make you stronger and healthier day by day. And so begins your journey to healthy menopause.

Are you ready to give yourself the most beautiful gift of being a HEALTHY menopausal woman? Because health is wealth and will benefit you, your family, and all your loved ones.


I would love to know what you take away from this post? Your feedback will give me the creative boost I need to create things that benefit our growing community.

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To be continued.



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