Soon…my eBook on quinoa baking for tip-top health! What’s behind the scene?

Quinoa is my favorite gluten-free ingredient when it comes to healthy baking. My first attempt was the quinoa carrot cake, and I was smitten. I loved the flavor, the texture, and the nutritious side. A slice of cake is filling and guilt-free. From that point on, quinoa became a staple in my gluten-free baked goods and diet. While googling, I noticed that there were not many healthy quinoa cake recipes on the internet. Many of them are very high in sugar, which is not my thing. So I decided to develop my quinoa cake recipes. It will be my great pleasure to share delicious and healthy inspirations through my quinoa cake creations. Inspired by this little seed, one of the things I created was a fantastic orange chocolate cake. You will love the smell that fills your kitchen when you bake it. I am in the process of creating an e-book on healthy treats, which includes some delicious quinoa cake recipes. I hope to be done in about a month. Until then, you can enjoy the pictures below.









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